VITAL IMPACT - Union Community Development Corporation is a Texas nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, serving the community since 2001.

Mission Statement:
To improve the educational, social, and economic livelihood of this community through community, public, private sector collaborations, and through the enabling power of the one who calls all things into being.

"Make a Vital Impact in the lives of people in the community for a Lifetime"

Our Mission

The mission of UCDC "Vital Impact" is to improve the educational, social, and economic livelihood of residents this community. Through the sharing of the Gospel, we use these tenants to break the strongholds of poverty, social injustice, and lack of education by using faith-based programs such as:

  • U-CAN: works with the Latino Population and other non-English speaking persons in the general population in Literacy including English as a second Language, Adult Reading and Writing, GED Preparation, Computer Skills, and Educational Skills Development for Children and Teens

  • Union Christian Academy (UCA) proving quality affordable childcare, after-school care, and educational development for children 6 weeks to K5

  • Vision Food Share (VFS) and Vision Food Pantry working together to provide temporary food assistance for families

Program Name

Description of Program

Vital Vision Food Share

Providing quality food/ groceries for families once a month at a cost of $25.00. This program works in partnership with grocery store providers and Produce companies, we will offer groceries purchased in bulk form for the benefit of individuals on fixed income, senior adults, single families and families in the church and community at a minimal cost to assist them economically allowing them to channel funds to other areas such as rent, and utilities, and other necessities. Presently serving 1180 households annually.

U-CAN Family Learning Program

The programs offered in the "U" Can Program are; Tutoring Children and Youth, English as a Second Language, GED preparation classes, Adult Reading and Writing and Computer Literacy. The number of students varies according to the programs. "U" Can serves the community and works in conjunction with the Union Church. We have targeted the community within five miles of our facility.

The program seeks to meet the needs of the community in these areas. Our English as a Second Language Program is preparing our non-English speaking persons for greater job opportunities and socialization skills.

The Educational Skills Development for Children and Teens Program offers tutoring in basic Reading and Math to children in grades K-12. Each student is assessed to determine their reading and math grade level and placed in the appropriate learning area. Parent conferences are scheduled to inform the parents of the progress or areas of concern for each student.

The Adult Reading and Writing Program is to improve the reading and writing skills of adults.

The GED preparation classes assist individual who have not received a high school diploma in their educational development.

Our Computer Literacy Program is developed to teach individuals who have little or no computer skills, basic skills to use computer applications and programs. It is also used in the tutoring process for children and youth as well as literacy.

Each of the instructors receives 16 hours of training for certification.


  • To increase the number of English speaking residents

  • Develop through educational development and training 20 persons to enter the ranks of the employed

  • Improve the skills and abilities of 20 underemployed persons

  • Reach 10% of the Latino Population and 5% of the General population of African American, Latino, and other non-English speaking residents with educational programs to improve their socio-economic level.

  • Partner in skills development with local school to assist a minimum 10% of their students to achieve academically and increase the number of students meeting grade level requirements on the TAKS or other standardized test according to TEA guidelines

Vital Vision Food Bank

Collaborating with other grocery providers, North Texas Food Bank, and other Food Banks, to offer a supply of groceries to needy families with little or no income on a weekly basis.

Providing quality foods for families experiencing financial difficulty and helping them to achieve a measure of economic responsibility, stability, and accountability. We currently assist approximately 60 - 75 families each month.

Union Christian Academy

A Christian Academy designed to develop the minds of children beginning with 6 weeks - k-5, and provide an after school program that will enhance the academic skills and abilities of children in grades 1 - 6. Also providing the working poor and the community in general with quality Christian education and academic skills while preparing their child for the next level of education

We focus our efforts in the following ares:

  • Literacy programs to reduce the level of illiteracy

  • Increase the number of Latinos who are able to speak and write English proficiently

  • Reduce the number of teens ending up in adult corrections facilities by teaching life skills to at risk teens to give them a greater chance for a positive destiny

  • Strengthening Families through education and economic training programs

  • Childcare education and development

  • Temporary Food assistance and Food Bank

Received Funding Through Grants From:

  • The Foundation for Community Empowerment

  • The Women of Saint Michael & All Angels

  • Private Donors

  • Microsoft Corporation

VIP - Vital Impact Partners

  • The Union Church - (Union Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas, TX)

  • The Potter's House Church - Dallas

  • Southern Dallas Pastor's Prayer Group

  • Services of Hope Ministries

  • Central Dallas Ministries

  • North Texas Food Bank

  • Dr. Charles & Earlene Martin Ministries


Contact Us

Union Community Development Corp. d/b/a Vital Impact

P. O. Box 1062
Cedar Hill, TX 75106, USA

(214) 374-7850 ext. 230
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